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Woman stuns onlookers as she drags child along pavement in viral footage

A disturbing footage is making rounds on the internet, showing a woman apparently dragging a young boy through the streets of Liverpool, Merseyside in England. The boy lies almost in a foetal position as he is pulled along the road with his harness or reins by a woman, believed to be his mother. He is so motionless that some have suggested that it may be actually be a doll and it is a sick prank. However, a person named Joe Cain who filmed the incident told the Echo: ‘Basically, I was walking through town and the kid…

VIDEO: Sea lion drags girl into water in shocking footage

OTTAWA: A college student has startling video of a sea lion snatching a girl off a dock and yanking her into the water on Canada's West Coast. It happened Saturday in Richmond, a Vancouver suburb. University student Michael Fujiwara tells CBC News that some people started feeding the animal breadcrumbs. In Fujiwara's video, the sea lion pops up toward the girl as bystanders laugh. Then she sits by the pier's edge. In an instant, the massive mammal shoots up, grabs her dress and pulls her into the water as people…