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Man caught sneakily spitting into female boss’ drink

An office worker was caught on a hidden camera sneakily spitting into his woman boss' drink. Hidden cameras were installed in premises of the office after his suspicious behavior was noticed.  The staff member, Vikas Gupta, was seen spitting in the metal glass after pouring drink in it before leaving to hand it to his boss. This grim incident took place in an office in Aligarh, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The footage shows the man have a quick look around to check if there was anybody…

King cobra drinks water from bottle in mind-boggling video

A poisonous king cobra was captured on cobra drinking water from a bottle to quench its thirst. The footage was recorded in drought-hit Karnataka’s Kaiga in India. The venomous snake entered the village in its quest for water and was seen hovering around a water dispenser. The village called in forest officials and the police for help. After the thirsty reptile was rescued, one of the brave officials extended a bottle of water. To everyone’s surprise, the exhausted snake drank the water from the bottle.