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Shocking moment as student drowns while his friends take selfie

A heart-rending moment was captured on camera when a group of friends were busy taking a selfie not realizing that one of their mates was drowning behind them. Vishwas G, 17, had been enjoying a picnic with fellow students from the National College in Bangalore, India, when they decided to go for a swim. They were on a trip to a temple when he got into trouble in the water. Sumanth A, one of the students, said: ‘We had finished swimming and left for the Gundanjaneya temple and did not notice Vishwas’s absence.…

Young boy drowns trying to cross river after friends dare him

ABBOTABAD: A young boy lost his life trying to cross a river in Abbotabad after his friends dared him, ARY News reported. The footage is doing rounds on social media in which the friends can be seen promising Ali to give a mobile phone and Rs15,000 cash, if he succeeded to accomplish the challenge. The victim jumped into the Neelum river and within seconds he went out of sight. Search for his body is still underway as he could not be found after passage of two days. This young man apparently seemed a good swimmer…