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Drug War

Philippines moves to quit ICC: What does it mean?

MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Wednesday a move towards quitting the International Criminal Court, which has launched a preliminary examination of his deadly drug war. Here are five questions and answers on what it means: Why did Duterte do it? The ICC announced on February 9 a preliminary examination into allegations Philippine police have killed thousands of alleged users or dealers as part of Duterte's anti-drug war that he launched after taking office in mid-2016. Duterte had…

China says supports Philippines’ Duterte drug war

BEIJING: Beijing on Friday expressed support for a bloody crackdown on illegal drugs in the Philippines overseen by President Rodrigo Duterte, ahead of a visit to China by the controversial leader. The crackdown has left more than 3,700 people dead since July, both at the hands of police as well as in unexplained circumstances, according to official data, prompting condemnation from Western nations, the UN and the International Criminal Court, among others. "We understand and support the Philippines' policies to combat…