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early access

Warface early access available now on Xbox One

Warface early access is available now on Xbox One and to avail it you need to purchase one of the packs, Warface Franchise Producer Ivan Pabiarzhyn said on Tuesday. Five types of early access packs are offered. Four of them are centered around the needs of separate game classes: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper. The fifth one is rather different. Collector’s Early Access pack accumulates all the contents of other packs and additionally provides a pistol, a knife and premium in-game currency, he said in a post. …

Wizard of Legend to release early 2018 on PS4

Wizard of Legend, the fast paced 2D dungeon crawler where you assume the role of a powerful wizard on his quest for fame and glory will be available in early 2018. John Polson, Publishing Lead at Humble Bundle, the digital storefront for video games, which sells at a price determined by the purchaser and the rest split between the game developers, made the announcement on the official PlayStation blog. "We can’t wait for you to enjoy Wizard of Legend’s fast-paced spell-slinging, single-player or co-op style, early next…

Fortnite available for Early Access on PS4

The sandbox survival game Fortnite will be available for Early Access on PlayStation 4 on July 25, Creative Director Darren Sugg said in a blog post. Sugg said that Fortnite is about to enter into a new phase of development, and will evolve into a free-to-play title during 2018. However, they wanted to give people the opportunity to gain Early Access to the game along with exclusive items and in-game events that come only with the Founder’s Early Access. Fortnite also released brand new trailer to get a feel for the…