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To save climate, stop investing in fossil fuels: economists

PARIS: The development of oil, gas and coal energy must stop in order to avoid the worst ravages of global warming, 80 top economists said Thursday, days ahead of a climate summit in Paris. "We call for an immediate end to investments in new fossil fuel production and infrastructure, and encourage a dramatic increase in investments in renewable energy," they wrote in a declaration. The December 12 One Planet Summit organised by French President Emmanuel Macron -- with 100 countries and more than 50 heads of state…

Even short of extremes, Trump protectionism damaging: economists

WASHINGTON: While his advisors have played down some of President-elect Donald Trump's most extreme trade threats as negotiating tactics, economists remain worried about the potential to inflict real damage. The Republican billionaire has said that on his first day he will label China a currency manipulator, has threatened to pull out of free trade agreements like NAFTA and slap punitive tariffs of up to 45 per cent on China and Mexico. And there is no question the US president has the power to take those actions…