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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is the constitutional body responsible for organizing and conducting elections in Pakistan. The ECP enjoys administrative and financial autonomy and all state institutions are required to support it in its discharge of its functions.

Article 218 of the Constitution provides for the establishment of the ECP. Clause (1) reads “For the purpose of election to both Houses of Majlis-e- Shoora (Parliament), Provincial Assemblies and for election to such other public offices as may be specified by a law, a permanent Election Commission shall be constituted in accordance with this Article.”

The Commission has retains its independence, full financial autonomy and functions independently of all government control. Without the government interference, the commission performs its functions and conduct of nationwide general elections as well as for the by-elections which is decided by the Election Commission itself. The preparation of polling schemes, the appointment of polling personnel, assignments of voters and arrangements for the maintenance of law and order are under the control, supervision and directions of the Election Commission.