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Dutch firm to set up largest egg handling plant in Sindh

KARACHI: A Netherlands-established multinational egg processing company, Frisian Egg, is about to set up their largest egg processing plant worth of about Rs300 million in Sindh in partnership with a local partner.  This plant is considered as the first of its kind in the province, which is projected to function fully at commercial level by end of year 2018. According to Chairperson Naheed Memon of Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), it is discussed that formation of Barkat Frisian Pasteurized egg plant at the Bin Qasim…

Japan scientist uses egg white for clean energy

TOKYO: A Japanese scientist said Thursday his team has cracked open a method to improve the production of carbon-free energy -- by using proteins taken from egg white. Yusuke Yamada, a professor at Osaka City University, said his team has managed to use protein from egg white as a "tool" for producing hydrogen, a powerful source of clean electricity. The new method "brings us closer to our ultimate goal of producing hydrogen from water," Yamada said. "This lays the groundwork for the clean production of hydrogen in…

EU Commissioner calls for summit over major egg contamination scare

BRUSSELS: The European Commissioner in charge of food safety has called for a meeting of ministers and national regulatory agencies to discuss a widespread European contamination scare, which has seen shops remove millions of eggs from sale. Tensions have risen between agricultural ministers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany after traces of the moderately toxic insecticide fipronil were found in batches of eggs, linked by authorities to a Dutch supplier of cleaning products. While initially the Belgian food…

WATCH: Dubai man uses scorching heat to cook egg on road

A man in Dubai stunned viewers when he showed level of extreme heatwave in the city by cooking an omelet on road and that too without any fuel or oil. The summer months are on going and temperature in the UAE has been hovering around 50°C. In a video released by fatafeat channel on Instagram, it shows a man cooking egg outdoors under the sun without a stove. He starts the video by informing us that the pan has been in the sun for 10 minutes. He then proceeds to add oil to the pan, break an…

5 fat-fighting foods that boost your calorie burn

You carve time out of your busy schedule to hit the gym for some calories burn but here are some foods that can burn your calories at home too. There are few miracle foods that can ignite your metabolism to burn fat every day. Try the following fat-fighting foods you will feel the difference in few days.

5 brain-boosting Snacks

Sometimes our brain cant focus on anything, we feel so lost that we can’t even brainstorm about any idea or jot it down when we are asked to do so. At that time you need nothing but an instant snack to boost your brain, here are few snacks that will light your head up again when you feel lack of inspiration.