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Eid ul Azha 2018

Top 5 healthy drinks to help with the meat burn!

With Eid ul Azha's continuing celebrations, people are busy delving into scrumptious dawats and BBQ parties and while those are a true essence of post eid delights that much meat intake can cause some serious dents in your health. There are a number of health-promoting drinks that enhance metabolism, reduce hunger, improve digestion and also help give flight to your weight loss plans. Losing weight healthily and effectively is a long-term, disciplined process and for getting the desired results, making certain…

Police mobile filmed ‘transporting’ sacrificial cow in Karachi

KARACHI: In a bizarre sight, locals spotted a sacrificial animal being transported in police van late at night in the metropolis. From carrying goats on bikes to shoving them in the car’s backseat we have seen people go crazy when transporting sacrificial animals from the Mandi to their homes. But this incident has taken the absurdity to new heights as a motorist filmed a cow being transported in a police van! This Eid ul Azha has already started off with some unexpected events. Reportedly animals are being sold…