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Future at stake as Americans choose next president

WASHINGTON: America's future hung in the balance Tuesday as millions of eager voters cast ballots to elect Democrat Hillary Clinton as their first woman president, or hand power to the billionaire populist Donald Trump. As the world held its collective breath, Americans were called to make a historic choice between two radically different visions for the most powerful nation on Earth. While Clinton has a slim lead in polls, no one was ruling out a victory by her Republican rival Trump -- with the winner's name not…

Election Night in America: what you need to know

WASHINGTON: Americans are getting set for a long Election Night of waiting to see who the 45th US president will be -- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here are the key things to know: what it takes to win, which states are the ones to watch, and how long it all might take for the winner to emerge: The magic number is 270 Rather than one big nationwide election, this is really 51 small ones -- in the 50 states and the US capital Washington. As the results come in, they will form an electoral map that colors each state…