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Explainer: How does Electoral College in the US work?

WASHINGTON: The 538 members of the US Electoral College meet Monday in the capital of each of the 50 states to designate a successor to Barack Obama as president of the United States. A candidate must obtain an absolute majority of the vote -- or 270 of the 538 -- to claim the presidency. Why an Electoral College? The system originated with the US Constitution in 1787. It establishes the rules for indirect, single-round presidential elections by universal suffrage (not entirely universal: blacks and women could not vote…

US electors expected to officially confirm Trump victory

WASHINGTON: The US Electoral College is expected on Monday to officially select Republican Donald Trump as the next president in a vote that is usually routine but takes place this year amid allegations of Russian hacking to try to influence the election. At meetings scheduled in every state and the District of Columbia, the institution's 538 electors, generally chosen by state parties, will cast official ballots for president and vice president. It is highly unlikely the vote will change the outcome of the Nov. 8…