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US ends Sudan trade embargo, cites progress on rights

1 year, 9 days ago
WASHINGTON: The United States announced an end to its 20-year-old trade embargo against Sudan on Friday, citing what it said are improvements in Khartoum's human rights record. Washington did not drop Sudan from its blacklist of state…

Iran puts economic squeeze on Iraqi Kurds

1 year, 16 days ago
TEHRAN: International pressure mounted on Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday after its controversial independence "yes" vote, with neighbouring Iran announcing joint border drills with Iraq and banning fuel trade with the autonomous region. A day…

Iran slaps fuel trade embargo on Iraqi Kurdistan

1 year, 16 days ago
TEHRAN: Iran has embargoed exports and imports of fuel products to and from Iraqi Kurdistan in response to the region's controversial independence referendum, Iranian media reported on Saturday. All transport companies and drivers are…

European Parliament calls for Saudi arms embargo

2 years, 7 months ago
BRUSSELS: The European Parliament called on the European Union to impose an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia on Thursday, saying Britain, France and other EU governments should no longer sell weapons to a country accused of targeting…

US MasterCards will soon work in Cuba

3 years, 8 months ago
WASHINGTON: MasterCard in March will begin processing transactions made on US-issued cards in Cuba, becoming the first major credit card company to do so since Cuba and the United States started to normalize relations.

After hard bargaining, EU set for deal on new leadership

4 years, 1 month ago
BRUSSELS: European Union leaders are set to end weeks of wrangling over top jobs in Brussels and agree on Saturday on who will fill key posts in EU institutions that face major challenges from a combative Russia and a stuttering economy.