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Meet the force behind the Hijab Emoji

Apple is soon launching the Hijab emoji, thanks to Rayouf Alhumedhi, a Muslim teenager who wears hijab since she was 13. How it all started? According to hijabemoji.org, Rayouf Alhumedhi, 15, was creating a new WhatsApp group chat with…

Happy? Sad? Full of…? Sony film gives life to emojis

If emojis were alive, their job would not be easy: called on at all hours to show up on screen happy-faced, with heart-shaped eyes, as mini-pizzas or ... piles of poop. They form the indispensable background to our digital lives. It is…

Need job as emoji translator? You must move to London

LONDON: A translation agency said on Tuesday that it is advertising for its first "emoji translator" to help meet the "challenges posed by the world's fastest-growing language". Based in the City of London financial district, Today…