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Australia to compel chat apps to hand over encrypted messages

CANBERRA: Social media giants like Facebook and WhatsApp will be compelled to share encrypted messages of suspected terrorists and other criminals with Australian police under new laws unveiled on Friday. It comes after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull warned encrypted messages were increasingly being used by terrorists, drug traffickers and paedophile rings, calling for legislation to be modernised to allow police to do their jobs. "We need to ensure that the internet is not used as a dark place for bad people to hide…

Web pioneer slams UK, US calls to weaken encryption

LONDON: British web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee on Tuesday slammed as a "bad idea" recent calls in Britain and the United States to weaken cyber encryption. "I know that if you're trying to catch terrorists it's really tempting to demand to be able to break all that encryption," Berners-Lee told the BBC. "But if you break that encryption then guess what -- so could other people, and guess what -- they may end up getting better at it than you are," he warned. The computer scientist, who is credited with inventing the…

‘WhatsApp encryption helps terrorists communicate safely’

NEW YORK: British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has targeted Facebook-owned WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption by saying that the feature offers terrorists a safe way to communicate before carrying attacks, the media reported. Local media have reported that British-born Khalid Masood sent an encrypted message moments before killing four people last week by ploughing his car into pedestrians and fatally stabbing a policeman as he tried to get into parliament in an 82-second attack that struck terror in the heart of London.…

End-to-end encryption on messaging services is unacceptable: UK minister

LONDON: British interior minister Amber Rudd said on Sunday end-to-end encryption of messages offered by services like Whatsapp are "completely unacceptable" and there should be no "secret place for terrorists to communicate". Local media have reported that shortly before launching an attack that killed four people including a policeman near Britain's parliament in central London, Khalid Masood sent an encrypted message via Whatsapp. "That is my view - it is completely unacceptable, there should be no place for…

Paris attacks linked to encryption: NSA chief

WASHINGTON: Last year's deadly attacks in Paris "would not have happened" without the use of encrypted communications to enable the perpetrators to avoid detection, the NSA chief said in an interview.