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end of life

‘Bucket lists’ might help with end-of-life discussions

NEW YORK: Sharing your “bucket list” could be easier than discussing end-of-life medical preferences, and it might be just as useful to your physician, researchers suggest. If you, like many Americans, have a “bucket list,” your doctor would be well-served by learning its contents, according to Stanford University researchers, who say a conversation about these goals might help guide future care. Their study, published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, found that 91 percent of participants had a “bucket list,” or…

Immigrants may get more intense care at end of life

LONDON: Recent immigrants may be more likely than other people to receive aggressive treatment in their last six months of life and die in intensive care, a Canadian study suggests. Even after researchers accounted for other factors that can influence end-of-life care such as income, age and cause of death, recent immigrants were 30 percent more likely to die in intensive care units, the study found. They were also more likely to be admitted to the hospital in their last six months of life, and more likely to have…