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endangered species

Woman ate endangered animals to make YouTube money

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia: A Cambodian woman sparked outrage countrywide after she filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating endangered animals in order to earn money on YouTube. She was later arrested by the authorities. Named, Ah Lin Tuch – the woman drew strong criticism on the social media worldwide and her home country in particular over choice of food as she presented a ‘survivalist’ life. According to the Sun UK, the woman ate; an endangered fishing, cat, a large lizard, several protected species of birds, a king…

Lacoste’s crocodile logo leaves its iconic spot

PARIS: French fashion brand Lacoste on Wednesday swapped the crocodile logo on its shirts for the first time in its history for 10 of the most endangered species on the planet. The green Lacoste crocodile -- one of the world's best-known logos -- was replaced by the Sumatran tiger, the Javan rhino and the Cao Vit gibbon on the chest of its classic white polo shirts in a limited edition charity tie-in with the Save Our Species conservation group. All but a handful were sold out within hours of going on sale for 150…