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ethan hawke

Ethan Hawke set to play Nikola Tesla biopic

Ethan Hawke is all set to electrify his fans in his next movie 'Tesla' by playing the role of Nikola Tesla, the famous electricity pioneer, in biopic. Tesla is written and directed by Michael Almereyda, who has already worked with the American actor in Hamlet and Cymbeline. The biopic will chronicle the life and times of the famed Serbia-American inventor, who is known for designing the modern alternating current (AC) electric supplying system. The inventor also made the Tesla coil that is still being used in radio…

Ethan Hawke says he prayed to avoid becoming a priest

VENICE: Ethan Hawke’s great-grandmother had wanted him to become a priest, but the American actor prayed that he would never get the calling, he said at the Venice film festival on Thursday. Hawke finally got his taste of priesthood when he was cast as a minister in Paul Schrader’s spiritual drama “First Reformed”, one of 21 movies competing for the Golden Lion that will be awarded on Sept. 9. “I’ve been surrounded by religion my whole life and it’s a very important dialogue, in my head anyway, so I was very grateful…