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EU leaders

EU leaders to sign off historic Brexit deal

European Union leaders meet Sunday to approve a historic Brexit deal, which British Prime Minister Theresa May said would deliver her country a "brighter future". At a special summit in Brussels that was almost derailed by a row over Gibraltar, the other 27 leaders will gather to sign off the agreement before May joins them to mark the milestone. Forged during 17 months of tough negotiations, the deal covers financial matters, citizens' rights, Northern Ireland and a transition phase, and sets out hopes for future…

‘Awkward’ video shows EU leaders ‘ignoring’ Theresa May at Brussels summit

Sighting somebody getting a cold shoulder at a meeting can be seen as ordinary, but if the snubbed person happens to be a dignitary then it becomes a bit unusual and perhaps embarrassing. The same awkward situation was faced by the prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Theresa May, who was left with nobody to talk to. This video from an EU summit held on Thursday shows the leaders of nations embracing. Mrs May was left clumsily fidgeting with her cuffs. After 11 seconds of…