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Germany seeks European cooperation on artificial intelligence

NUREMBERG, Germany: Germany called on Tuesday for European cooperation on developing artificial intelligence (AI) to close the gap on leaders China and the United States. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier made the call after Berlin’s AI strategy was faulted by researchers, entrepreneurs and investors for lacking the vision and cash to sustain German industrial prowess. Critics say that US and Chinese tech companies are leading the way in deploying AI to automate office tasks, support autonomous driving, or talk to a…

Google poised to emerge unscathed from European antitrust crackdown

BRUSSELS/SAN FRANCISCO: The European Union’s top antitrust regulator, Margrethe Vestager, has made it her mission to stem alleged anti-competitive abuses by big American tech companies, threatening as recently as last month to break up Alphabet’s Google. But a decision in the most important of three antitrust cases against Google - this one aimed at loosening its stranglehold over Android-powered smartphones - is likely to show just how difficult it is, even for a committed trust-buster like Vestager, to dent the power of…

European telecom firms pin hopes on ‘Esports’ video game gladiators

MADRID: Marcos Ochoa has just landed the dream job for many young Europeans: he is being paid to play video games. The 27-year-old Spaniard, whose internet nickname is "Aeroz", is a rising star of the Esports, or video games competitions that are played online or even in sports arenas. With championships watched by crowds of fans similar to traditional events like the NBA basketball finals or soccer World Cup, telecom firms see Esports as a way to lure younger clients and brand themselves as digital companies rather than…