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Vegetarian dinosaur: ‘Missing link’ bolsters bold…

SANTIAGO: An oddball, vegetarian dinosaur with the silhouette of a flesh-ripping velociraptor, whose fossilised remains were unearthed in southern Chile 13 years ago, is a missing link in dino evolution, researchers said on Wednesday. A…

Fruit fuelled evolution of a bigger brain: study

PARIS: Humans likely developed large and powerful brains, researchers said Monday, with the help of what is today the simplest of snacks: fruit. Eating fruit was a key step up from the most basic of foodstuffs, such as leaves, and…

Hobbit was another specie separate from modern man

PARIS: Half-sized humans who lived 700,000 years ago were almost certainly the ancestors of enigmatic "hobbits" whose fossils were found on the same Indonesian isle in 2003, scientists stunned by their own discovery reported Wednesday.