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NATO exercises cyber defences as threat grows

TARTU: In a nondescript brick building on the snowy edge of Estonia's second city Tartu, soldiers in camouflage tap silently at computers. They are troops manning the 21st century's front line. With its harsh lighting and partitioned desks, the room could be any soulless office. But this is NATO's "cyber range" and these men and women are running the alliance's biggest cyber warfare exercise, an electronic defensive drill dubbed Cyber Coalition 2018. The activity is taking place just 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the…

Pak-Saudi special forces conduct joint exercises in Riyadh

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan and Saudia Arabia Special Forces are conducting joint counter-terrorism exercise 'Al-Shehab-2' underway at Prince Naif Security City, Riyadh. According to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), the two weeks long exercise started on November 25 and will continue till December 10. The first joint military exercise 'Al-Shehab 1' was held last year in Pakistan. Pakistani contingent comprising of 68 officers and soldiers of special services group (SSG) is participating in this exercise. The…

Turkey, Qatar launch joint military exercises: reports

ISTANBUL: Turkey and Qatar on Tuesday launched military exercises in Qatar that will involve some 250 Turkish troops and 30 armoured vehicles, reports said. The exercises come as Ankara presses on with its unequivocal backing of Doha in the crisis triggered by the political and economic isolation of Qatar by Gulf and other Arab states led by Saudi Arabia. Turkish state media said that the Turkish frigate TCG Gokova had docked in Doha earlier this week carrying 214 soldiers who would take part in the exercises. The…

5 benefits of drinking Milk

You've often wondered why your elders as well as doctors urge you strongly to drink plenty milk. You have been told before it is good for your health, let's divulge into the details a bit and tell you how! Here are five solid reasons for you to consume milk on a daily basis!

5 morning mistakes that can ruin your health

Morning is the best time of the day, it’s the time of the day when you can plan different things to make your day better. However, there are few common health mistakes that we do every morning and these are the mistakes that are ruining our health and days. Here are some common morning mistakes that we should not do but we all do.

5 surprising reasons of memory loss

We often ransack the house to find the keys, we often forget the names of people we meet occasionally and at times we even forget what we are talking about in the middle of a conversation. These all are the symptoms of not so acute but a type of memory loss that can be cured. Here is a list of few things that cause memory loss.

5 ways to feel content now

We face many problems throughout the day, we rush to office, wake up early and get no time for ourselves and family these small problems make us stressful and unhealthy. However, there few simple things that can make you happy and happiness is a key to healthy life.