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Humans, not climate, killed off Australia’s big beasts

PARIS: Humans exterminated an array of weird and wonderful Australian creatures within only 4,000 years of arriving on the continent, according to a study published on Friday that shifted blame away from climate change. Before the arrival of homo sapiens, Australia boasted 450-kilogramme (1,000-pound) kangaroos, wombats weighing as much as a rhino, eight-metre (25-foot) lizards, larger-than-human birds, and car-sized tortoises. More than 85 percent of Australia's big mammals, birds and reptiles went extinct "shortly"…

Why the real King Kong became extinct?

PARIS: The largest ape to roam Earth died out 100,000 years ago because it failed to tuck into savannah grass after climate change hit its preferred diet of forest fruit, scientists suggest.