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ISIS threatens to attack Prince George in London

LONDON: In a chilling warning to the British royal family, ISIS-supporting extremists have threatened to attack Prince George at his London school. In a message allegedly posted by the extremists on Telegram alongside a photo of the…

Hindu extremists kill Hafiz-e-Quran in India

DELHI: Some Hindu extremists beat a Hafiz-e-Quran to death and left other two injured when they were on their way to home in Mewat after completing Taraweeh prayers in Delhi, Indian media reported on Saturday. One of the three…

US buys ads on Facebook to fight religious extremists

WASHINGTON: Social media has long been a key battlefield in the war on Islamic extremism. But the US has found this year that online ads on media like Facebook, rather than posts, are a cost-effective way to fight the extremists…

Extremists have greatly harmed Pakistan: US

WASHINGTON: United States has said that extremists have inflicted great harm to Pakistan, ARY News reported on Saturday. State Department spokesman Mark Toner, in a press briefing, said that the United States wants to help Pakistan in…

Obama calls Libya his ‘worst mistake’

WASHINGTON: Barack Obama says the biggest mistake of his presidency was the lack of planning for the aftermath of the fall of late Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, with the country spiraling into chaos and grappling with violent extremists.