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Iraq faces ‘new war’ – on corruption

BAGHDAD: They have fled the country, their pockets full, or been released from prison under amnesties: despite Iraq's "war" on corruption, those guilty of embezzling state funds often evade justice. Even before he declared victory…

Justin Bieber faces fine over Brazil wall-tagging

RIO DE JANEIRO: Rio de Janeiro prosecutors are seeking a 20,000-reais ($6,400) fine for pop star Justin Bieber, currently on tour in Brazil, for unauthorized wall-tagging of a historic hotel in 2013. Judge Rudi Baldi Loewenkron reopened…

Fish can recognise human faces, study finds

Scientists have shown for the first time how a species of tropical fish can distinguish between human faces. The archerfish used in experiments could demonstrate the ability to a high degree of accuracy; despite lacking the crucial…