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Faizabad Dharna

Tehreek Labbaik faction ends Lahore sit-in after successful talks with Punjab government

LAHORE: Dr. Ashraf Asif Jalali, a Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYRA) faction chief, ended his party's sit-in outside Punjab Assembly after successful talks with the provincial government, ARY News reported. Jalali, while speaking to his supporters outside Punjab Assembly, thanked all of them for staging the sit-in and claimed that the government has agreed to not only address TLYRA's grievances regarding the matter pertaining to an amendment in oath regarding finality of prophet-hood but has accepted all their…

TLP chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi replies to Ashraf Jalali’s allegations

LAHORE: Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi on Thursday night replied to fellow scholar Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali's allegations regarding his alleged take over of the party "founded by Jalali". SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO Jalali, who is leading a sit-in outside Punjab Assembly, even after the main sit-in led by Khadim Rizvi ended on Monday, had claimed that he is the true leader of Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYRA) and does not recognize the agreement between government and TLP chief Khadim Rizvi.…

Rana Sanaullah says ready to present himself before Ulema

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday said that he is ready to present himself before Ulema (religious scholars) and clear misconceptions regarding his controversial statement, ARY News reported. Speaking exclusively to ARY News, Rana Sanaullah said that he accepted the condition put forward by Peer Afzal Qadri, a Tehreek Labbaik leader, that he will present himself before a board constituted by the religious party and explain his controversial statement. He added that he trusts the names of religious…