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Popular Chinese stuntman dies after falling off building

BEIJING: In a fatal accident, a a popular Internet star known as ‘China’s first rooftopper’ died after falling from the top of a 62-storeyed skyscraper in Changsha. The incident came to light after his body was found by a window cleaner onto a terrace below. Wu Yongning was trying out a stunt and doing pull-ups on top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, the capital of Huan Province, when he lost his grip and fell. The scene was recorded by a camera Wu had installed on the other part of the building to…

What is the meaning of these common recurring dreams?

We all have to sleep whether we want to or not as staying up past our bedtime means that chances are that we will pay for it later by feeling tired the next day. When we sleep we usually dream and although dreams can differ wildly from one individual to another, there are certain dreams that share a common theme. These “common” dreams have been experienced by millions of people and through the years the experts have weighed in on what they believe these dreams mean. FALLING This is probably one of the scariest dreams…

Oil prices rebound after falling below $30

SINGAPORE: Oil prices rebounded in Asia Wednesday, halting a plunge that saw fall below $30 a barrel for the first time in more than 12 years but analysts warned of further pressure on the commodity.