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Over Rs4bn transactions found in dead man’s accounts

2 hours ago
KARACHI: As part of its ongoing investigation into fake bank accounts, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has unearthed billions of rupees worth transactions from bank accounts opened in the name of a person who passed away in May 2014.…

Man deprived of Rs2 mn after sharing bank account details

One week ago
KARACHI: A man had reportedly been deprived of over two million rupees after he inadvertently shared personal information through a mobile phone scam, ARY News reported. The victim has filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation…

Karachi cart vendor finds he has billions in bank account

16 days ago
KARACHI: A cart vendor selling falooda in streets of Karachi on Saturday found that he has more than Rs2billion in a bank account in his name, ARY News reported. Abdul Qadir, who lives in a small house in an impoverished neighbourhood in…