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Hong Kong, Switzerland, 15 EU states hit by egg scandal

PARIS: Insecticide-tainted eggs from European poultry farms have now been found in Hong Kong and Switzerland as well as 15 EU countries, the European Commission said on Friday. The European Commission said all had received eggs contaminated with the pesticide fipronil, adding that a meeting of EU ministers to discuss the scandal had been provisionally scheduled for September 26. "We would like this meeting to happen with some distance to the events and have as many facts established as possible," European Commission…

20 tonnes of contaminated eggs sold in Denmark: food authority

STOCKHOLM: Twenty tonnes of fipronil-contaminated eggs have been sold in Denmark, the country's Veterinary and Food Administration said on Thursday. "The Danish company Danaeg Products has received a total of 20 tonnes of boiled and peeled eggs from a Belgian supplier.Mostly been sold to cafeterias, cafes and catering firms, and have most probably not been sold in Danish retail stores to any large degree," the agency said, adding the eggs posed no risk to human consumption. "Tests analysed in the Netherlands showed…