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fire rainbow

WATCH: Footage of ‘fire rainbow’ in Thailand goes viral

BANGKOK: A fire rainbow was seen amid clouds in Thailand causing sunlight to shine through little ice crystals, leaving onlookers stunned. Onlookers captured the beautiful sight in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand, last Friday. The phenomenon - known as a circumhorizontal arc - is caused by sunlight shining through tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. It causes a stunning rainbow-like effect that appears like a glowing ball of multi-coloured bright light in the sky. On such big fire, rainbow wowed…

Rare ‘fire rainbow’ in Singapore lights up sky

SINGAPORE: An unusual rainbow hogged a limelight across Singapore with many people sharing its pictures of rare dazzling sight on the social media. A fire rainbow is an optical phenomenon also known as circumhorizontal arc, according to a Facebook post by National Environment Agency (NEA) last April. "They’re actually ice halos formed by the refraction of the sunlight (or occasionally moonlight) in plate-shaped ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere,” explained NEA. A caller to Mediacorp's news…