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fireworks factory

Fireworks factory blasts kill at least 24 near Mexico City

MEXICO CITY:  Two explosions at fireworks workshops outside Mexico City on Thursday killed at least 24 people, including rescue workers, and injured dozens more, officials said, in the latest deadly blast to hit a town known for its fireworks production. After a first blast in the municipality of Tultepec, firefighters, police and other rescue workers arrived at the scene when a second explosion occurred, the state government said in a statement. “Emergency crews attended the call of the first explosion, when a second…

Fireworks factory explodes in Mexico, video goes viral

MEXICO: A horrible footage has surfaced online showing explosion in a fireworks factory in Mexico leaving a woman was left with life-changing burns and destroying five homes. Footage uploaded online shows smoke billowing from the building as a fire rages, just seconds before the horrifying explosion . The incident happened at a factory in the Los Pinos neighbourhood of San Cristobal de las Casas in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Local police confirmed a woman was left with third-degree burns to her body…