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First round

Pakistan holds first round of talks with IMF team on possible bailout package

ISLAMABAD: An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team on Wednesday held the first round of talks on a possible IMF bailout, even as Pakistan insisted it had solved its immediate balance of payments crisis. The talks were held in Islamabad between the IMF delegation and officials of the finance ministry on a "technical level". The government shared Pakistan's economic data with the IMF. The Fund has suggested Pakistan to cut its expenditures and increase tax returns. Sources said the talks would continue for two weeks.…

First round of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan cooperation dialogue held in Beijing

ISLAMABAD: The first round of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Practical Cooperation Dialogue was held in Beijing on Saturday. The dialogue was co-chaired by Director General Mansoor Ahmad Khan of Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General Xiao Qian of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director General Khalid Payenda of Afghan Ministry of Finance. The three sides exchanged views on trilateral cooperation in a friendly atmosphere and agreed to promote practical measures for cooperation. The three sides…