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Baloch Lok Singer, once a sense of pride for Pakistan is now begging people to help him meet the most basic of his needs.

Balochistan: Once known for his soulful voice, famous Lok singer, Muhammad Bashir Baloch is now seen begging people to help him meet the most basic of his needs.  Speaking to ARY News, he asked why do people neglect artists like this, “The ones praising this land, mountains, its waterfalls, rivers why do you let them die out of hunger? Please listen to my appeal.” Baloch has spent the last 40 years of his life serving the country through his music on a provincial and national level. He has won a total of 133 awards,…

Folk Singer Reshma Passed Away

Born in India’s Rajhistan in 1947 renowned folk singer Reshma has passed away today here in Lahore, ARY News reported. Reshma was suffering from throat cancer.She belonged to a tribe which had converted to Islam. Her tribe migrated to Karachi shortly after the Partition of India. When she was twelve years old, she was spotted singing at Shahbaaz Qalandar's shrine by a television and radio producer, who arranged for her to make a recording of "Laal Meri" on Pakistan radio. Some of her famous numbers are "Dama Dam Mast…