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Food Chain

Plastics have entered human food chain, study shows

PARIS: Bits of plastic have been detected in the faeces of people in Europe, Russia and Japan, according to research claiming to show for the first time the widespread presence of plastics in the human food chain. All eight volunteers in a small pilot study were found to have passed several types of plastic, with an average of 20 micro-particles per 10g of stool, researchers reported Tuesday at a gastroenterology congress in Vienna. The scientists speculated that the tiny specks - ranging in size from 50 to 500…

Burger King in talks to buy Tim Hortons

The deal is not yet complete, and the person could not speak to the possible timing for an agreement to be reached. The person asked not to be identified. Recent attempts by companies for tax inversion deals, which are made to escape U.S. taxes and save money on foreign earnings and cash held outside the United States, have drawn the attention of some politicians, including President Barack Obama, who criticized a "herd mentality" by companies seeking such deals.