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Is this a potato foot?

At first look it appears to be remains of a giant's foot excavated from underground with hard flesh still intact on it, but when you look closely you realise that it is an odd-figured potato. The eight kilogramme spud, discovered by two farmers Marli and Paulo Ciquinel in Santa Cantarina, Brazil, has developed into the shape of a human foot. Pictures show the huge potato has grown with toes descending in height order. Mirror reported: "The farmers were shocked to find the 8kg potato. "The largest of the 'toes' is…

Commutes on foot or bicycle tied to lowered risk of heart attack or stroke

LONDON: Commuters who abandon their cars in favor of walking or biking to work are less likely to develop heart disease or to die from it than people who drive to the office, a recent study suggests. Researchers in the UK examined data on 187,281 regular commuters and 171,498 adults who didn’t routinely travel to work. About two-thirds of the commuters relied exclusively on a car to get to work. After an average follow-up period of seven years, commuters who walked, rode a bike or took public transit at least part of…