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Addictive gaming to be recognised as disease: WHO

GENEVA: "Gaming disorder" will be recognised as a disease later this year following expert consensus over the addictive risks associated with playing electronic games, the World Health Organization said Friday. The disorder will be…

Acer launches world’s first curved gaming laptop

Acer has launched a monstrous 21 inches high resolution gaming laptop, Predator 21 X, with full-sized mechanical keyboard. It is the world’s first curved screen notebook. This laptop, featuring Windows 10, is projected to be ‘advanced…

Astroneer launches on Xbox One and PC

Astroneer, a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration, was finally launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 store on December 16, Friday. One of the most awaited games of the year, Astroneer is set during a 25th century gold…

Rise of the Machines: video gamers beware

PARIS: Researchers unveiled a software system Wednesday which had taught itself to play 49 different video games and proceeded to defeat human professionals -- a major step in the fast-developing Artificial Intelligence realm.