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gang war

For twenty years, the most intense and prolonged gang war in British history has raged on the streets of Manchester. Warring factions have left at least forty dead and made headlines across the world.

This best-selling account tells how vicious battles for control of drugs turf and protection rackets blighted the reputation of one of Europe’s most dynamic cities and saw the coining of the sinister epithet ‘Gunchester’.

These gang war have been reduced across the world as law enforcement agencies are taking strict actions against them, still they are performing their activities very sharply with the enhancement of technology these gang’s are equipped  with latest technology and performing their task. Asian countries have made much efforts in last decade to eliminate ill-regular activities inside their countries.

Two killed, five injured as extortionists open fire on trader in Lyari

KARACHI: Two people were killed and five others were injured when alleged extortionists opened fire on a trader in Lyari area, ARY News reported on Tuesday. According to police, the incident occurred at an eatery near Ali Hotel in Baghdadi area of Lyari. The gangsters has sent a note to a local builder demanding extortion amount. Raees Khan, the son of a local builder Rozie Khan was shot dead after refusal to pay the extortion amount. Another person identified as Mubeen was also killed in the incident, but police…

Gang war commander Yousuf Pathan arrested from Hub

KARACHI: Police arrested Yousuf Pathan, a key commander of Lyari gang war, in a raid in Hub, ARY News reported on Monday. Yoususf Pathan said to be involved in terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, murder, attempt to murder, attacks on police and other heinous crimes. He has been affiliated with Uzair Baloch group of Lyari gangs. He escaped to Balochistan last year after an encounter with police. This year he arrived again in Karachi and after a police encounter escaped from here. His two accomplices Bilal Bhayya and Irfan…