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Russian general killed fighting IS in east Syria

DEIR EZZOR: A Russian general was killed while battling Islamic State group militants near the eastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, Moscow's defence ministry said Sunday. "Division general Valeri Assapov was killed when a shell exploded during shelling by IS fighters," the ministry was quoted as saying by local media, adding that the officer was serving as an advisor to Syrian government troops. The ministry said Assapov would be posthumously decorated for his service. Read More: Russian strikes kill 45 Syrian rebels:…

S. Korea general and wife ‘treated soldiers like slaves’

SEOUL: A South Korean general and his wife treated soldiers like "slaves", forcing them to retrieve golf balls and pick up toenail clippings, a rights group alleged, prompting officials to launch a probe Wednesday. Soldiers assigned to the home of four-star general Park Chan-Ju and his wife "did the laundry, ironing, gardening, cleaning bathrooms, picking up every little trash -- even pieces of toenails or dead skin cells," the Centre for Military Human Rights Korea said in a press statement. The wife threw a pancake…

Thai general found guilty of human trafficking of Rohingya migrants

BANGKOK: A Thai general was found guilty of human trafficking on Wednesday as a Bangkok court convicted scores of people in a mass trial exposing the lynchpin role of corrupt officials in the grim, lucrative trade in Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants. Thailand's junta launched a crackdown in May 2015 on a network funnelling desperate migrants through southern Thailand and onto Malaysia, holding some for ransom in jungle camps. It unspooled a crisis across Southeast Asia as gangmasters abandoned their human cargo in the…

Saudi general killed on Yemen border

RIYADH: A Saudi general has been killed in the south of the country near the border with Yemen, where he had been "defending the country", the army announced Sunday.

US awards military medal to General Sharif

WASHINGTON: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif held meetings with US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, Deputy Secretary Defense Robert Work and Commandant US Marines General Joseph Dunford in Washington.