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George Orwell

Nobel prize winner’s book turned down by 19 publishers

PARIS: The French writer Claude Simon, who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1985, would not be published today, according to an experiment conducted by one of his fans. Writer Serge Volle sent 50 pages of Simon's 1962 novel, "The Palace", set during the Spanish Civil War, to 19 French publishers. The verdict was damning: Twelve rejected it and seven didn't even bother to reply. One editor said that the book's "endlessly long sentences completely lose the reader", Volle told French public radio on Monday. Nor…

George Orwell’s ‘1984’ has become a best-seller again

WASHINGTON:  Amid a seemingly endless battle with the new US president over truth and untruth, George Orwell's "1984" has become a best-seller again. The dystopian novel featuring a so-called "ministry of truth" that distorts reality was the number one seller on Amazon's US book list on Wednesday. Sales of the book have been spiking amid comments by President Donald Trump and his aides that appear to fly in the face of the facts, including one justifying the use of "alternative facts." CNN, among the first outlets…