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Ghairat: How Saba saved herself from death in the name of honour!

Ghairat, the drama which highlighted the most pertinent issue of honour killing, ended today (Monday) with a powerful message. The end shocked everyone as Saba (Iqra Aziz) went with her family despite knowing that her brothers want to kill her, the brothers who killed her elder sister before her eyes and dared her to watch. Usman repeated what he did with Saba's elder sister Iqra (Jinaan Hussain) as he tries to fool everyone by acting as an innocent, magnanimous elder brother who wants to settle all issues amicably…

Syed Jibran is almost unrecognizable in this picture

He impressed all with his performance in "Chup Raho" and became a household name. These days Syed Jibran is earning praise for his flawless portrayal of an uncompromising brother with a false sense of 'Ghairat'  but few know that behind his stern looks, Jibran is a fun loving fellow. As Jibran did joker for a Halloween party recently, fellow actress Anam Tanveer posted a picture of him on her Instagram and believe us, it took a moment for us to recognize it was Jibran. Guess who @syedjibranofficial 😃👻🎃👹😈😸…

Ghairat: Long-awaited play on honour killing to start from July 24

As is the trend, ARY Digital is again breaking new ground by taking the issue of honor-killing head on by a new play aptly named 'Ghairat'. SCROLL DOWN FOR TEASERS AND CAST INTERVIEWS The channel, which in the past, has aired plays like 'Chup Raho' and 'Khuda Mera Bhi Hai' which handled issues like sexual abuse and intersex people's rights, is now bringing to mini-screen, the issue which may start the debate about how the disgusting trend of honor killing found roots among our domestic culture. The play which will…