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ghost baby

Man haunted by ‘ghost baby’ takes heart-dropping photograph

Many people have had the subconscious feeling or imagination that they're being watched, or heard things at night which run riot in their mind. SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED However, one man appears absolutely convinced he's being haunted by the ghost of a demonic baby and has thousands of people captivated by his storytelling. Adam Ellis, from New York, began tweeting about the incident a few months ago, and shared his experiences of spooky dreams in which a devilish ghost baby with a dented head…

Who is this ‘ghost’ baby in cot with 18-month-old boy?

A mother has claimed to have spotted a ghost baby climbing into the cot of her son and lying next to him. Laura Haigh and her husband Dean Evans have installed a baby monitor system to monitor her son Sebastian Evans who once tried to climb out of his cot. The 39-year-old mother said when they checked the monitor they were horrified to see a ghost baby sleeping next to their 18-month-old boy. Dean, 42, rushed upstairs hoping to see if it was a teddy bear next to Sebastian but found the tot sleeping alone – while…