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global economy

Global economy has peaked; trade war torpedoes optimism: Polls

BENGALURU: Global economic activity remains solid but has already passed its peak, according to economists in Reuters polls who expect protectionist policies on trade, which show no signs of abating, to tap the brakes significantly. While trade conflict between the United States and other major trading partners, in particular, China, has had only a modest impact on global trade and the world economy so far, the turmoil in financial markets clearly suggests confidence has taken a hit. World stocks have been whipsawed…

IMF must be more ‘vocal’ on global economy, says US

WASHINGTON: The United States called Saturday for the International Monetary Fund to speak out on crucial global economic matters, such as exchange rates, even if this made it unpopular. "The IMF must intensify analysis of and become more vocal on key issues that impact growth and stability of the global economic system," US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said in a statement, citing currency exchange rates, current account imbalances and demand shortfalls. "Sometimes this will make the IMF unpopular," he added. "But vocal…