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Trump and ‘Davos Man’: best of enemies

DAVOS: A compelling clash of cultures will unfold in the vertiginous Swiss Alps this week as Donald Trump, just over 12 months into his high-wire presidency, confronts the cheerleaders of globalisation in Davos. Having whipped up…

Davos: 5 key themes this year

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND: The global elite wraps up its talkathon in the Swiss ski resort of Davos on Friday -- around the same time as Donald Trump enters the White House on a wave of anti-elitist anger. Here are five key themes from this…

Obama says goodbye to world stage after eight years

LIMA, PERU: US President Barack Obama bid farewell to the world stage Sunday, pondering his legacy, offering advice to his successor and discussing his post-presidential life at the end of his final foreign tour. His historic presidency…

World Bank, IMF challenged by anti-globalization wave

WASHINGTON: World Bank and IMF leaders on Thursday confronted the rising unpopularity of globalization while urgently calling on countries to stimulate more equal economic growth. "My message to the members of the IMF tomorrow will be,…

WTO drastically cuts global trade forecast

GENEVA: The World Trade Organization on Tuesday downshifted its global trade forecast, warning that anti-globalisation rhetoric and Brexit were pushing trade growth to its slowest pace since the financial crisis.