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In a remote Irish town, a goat reigns supreme

For a few days this week a goat will be king of a small town in Ireland's rural south west. Billed as one of Ireland's oldest festivals, the Puck Fair sees locals in the town of Killorglin pluck a wild mountain goat from its habitat and…

WATCH: Psychic goat predicts the next US president

After scores of political analytics cracking their heads with predictions over potential US president in the elections to be held hours later, pets have also captured the limelight for their prophecies. A fortune-telling billy goat has…

Four Health Benefits of Eating Red Meat

Red meat has a place in a healthy diet as long as you choose the right cuts of beef. Eye round roast and steak, round steak, sirloin tip roast and 95 percent ground meat all offer healthy options, or choose bison for lean red meat.