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Google Earth

UFO hunters shocked after spotting bizarre orb shape on Google Earth

Many conspiracy theorists went into a frenzy online after bizarre footage emerged on Google Earth which shows what appears to be an alien spaceship. The clip has been uploaded on YouTube channel UFOmania, and shows an orb seen floating above trees on the border between Vermont and New York state. The coordinates of a location have been typed into the mapping system to bring up East Lake George in New York state. The street view angles about until it zooms in on a strange dark shape in the blue sky. The object is…

Google Earth re-invented for new era

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Tuesday launched a re-imagined version of its free Earth mapping service, weaving in storytelling and¬†artificial intelligence and freeing it from apps. "This is our gift to the world," Google Earth director Rebecca Moore said while giving AFP an early look at the new version of the program that lets people range the planet from the comfort of their computers, smartphones or tablets. "It's a product that speaks to our deepest values around education and making information available to people."…