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Google needs to do more on bridging gender gap

SAN FRANCISCO: Although the percentage of women in leadership roles at Google has increased from 20.8 to 25 percent in the last four years, women still make up only 30.9 percent of its global workforce while men 69.1 percent, the tech giant…

Google seeks users help to spot spam in Search

SAN FRANCISCO: Google took action on nearly 90,000 user reports of spam in its Search in 2017 and has now asked more users to come forward and help the tech giant spot and squash spam. According to Juan Felipe Rincon, Global Search…

Human-sounding Google Assistant sparks ethics questions

CALIFORNIA: The unveiling of the natural-sounding robot-assistant by the tech giant this week wowed some observers but left others fretting over the ethics of how the human-seeming software might be used. The new Google digital assistant…