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Meet Govinda and his not-so-known spouse

Govinda ruled the Bollywood for 15 years as one of the finest actors but he stepped out of the spotlight to make way for a brush with politics, between 2004 and 2009. But his comeback again after five has not been a success story altogether. He is an actor whose spouse is not quite known to the showbiz circles, perhaps he never wanted it this way to be.  Sunita Ahuja has times been spotted with hubby Govinda in functions, but not so frequently. Govinda's maternal uncle, Anand Singh (assistant to director Hrishikesh…

Meet Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja who is a grown-up actress now

Bollywood star Govinda had his heydays in the film industry during 80s and the 90s and his prominence wasn’t a result of ascribed status. But his daughter seem to enter the film arena in style.   Recent rumours went rounds that Govinda, who was once a close friend with Salman Khan is very upset with the fact that Khan failed to launch his daughter Tina Ahuja in Bollywood. The lady, who is a little known in the B-Town, circles wants to take his father’s legacy forward. "I am having mixed reactions. I am excited and…