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govt shutdown

Trump insists on steel wall with Mexico in prime-time speech

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump used a prime-time address to the nation Tuesday to insist on $5.7 billion for a steel wall along the Mexican border that he said would stop the shedding of "American blood" by illegal immigrants. The nine-minute speech from the Oval Office in the White House contained no concessions to Democrats refusing to fund construction of the wall -- a project Trump has made his signature domestic policy idea. The address also offered no hope for a quick end to a government partial shutdown…

Democrats seize US House control, government shutdown remains

WASHINGTON: US Democrats swept back to power in the House of Representatives with veteran Nancy Pelosi at the helm, but they came face to face with what may be a new divided government normal in Washington: legislative gridlock. After a historic opening session of the 116th Congress in which Pelosi was elected as speaker for the second time in her storied career, lawmakers took aim at a bipartisan priority of ending an embarrassing partial government shutdown that was stretching into its 13th day. The House passed two…

States help run U.S. National Parks in federal government shutdown

WASHINGTON: U.S. National Parks will be left with just a skeleton staff during the federal government shutdown, and several states are using their own funds to make sure public restrooms get cleaned and visitor centers stay open. The shutdown of all but essential federal services due to a Capitol Hill fight over U.S. President Donald Trump’s funding demands for a Mexico border wall comes at the height of the Christmas travel season. The National Park Service said this week that parks will remain “as accessible as…