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Japan launches satellite for advanced GPS operation

TOKYO: Japan on Saturday launched an H-2A rocket carrying a geo-positioning satellite into orbit after a week-long delay, the government said. The launch of Japan's third geo-positioning satellite is part of its plan to build a version of the U.S. global positioning system (GPS) to offer location information used for autopiloting and possible national security purposes. The government postponed the launch a week ago because of a technical glitch. "With the success of the third satellite, we have made another step…

Europe’s own satnav Galileo goes live to rival GPS

BRUSSELS: After 17 years, numerous setbacks and three times over budget, Europe's Galileo satnav system went live Thursday, promising to outperform rivals and guarantee regional self-reliance. Initial services, free to users worldwide, are available only on smartphones and navigation units fitted with Galileo-compatible microchips. Some devices may need only a software update to start using the service, according to the European Commission, which funds the 10 billion euro ($11 billion) project. "After years of…

UAE warns Pokemon Go may expose users to criminals

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The United Arab Emirates warned on Friday that criminals could exploit users of the smash hit virtual reality Pokemon Go game and other apps to hack their phones and spy on their movements. The warning comes after Australian police said that a couple playing Pokemon Go were threatened at gunpoint in a park south of Sydney and blamed the game for a wave of crimes, traffic violations and complaints. The wildly popular mobile app, which is based on a 1990s Nintendo game, has created a global…

Double solar storms heading towards Earth

CAPE CANAVERAL: A rare double burst of magnetically charged solar storms will hit Earth Thursday night and Friday, raising concerns that GPS signals, radio communications and power transmissions could be disrupted, officials said on Thursday.