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Grid Station

Grid station are the points where Generation, Transmission and distribution are interconnected. Grid stations are identically referred to transmission substation or distribution substation.

Substations uses steel gentry which are also known as the steel towers they are used to drop high power transmission lines. Circuit breakers are also used in these substations vacuum breakers, all circuit breakers and SFA circuit breakers are commonly used in these sub stations.

Electrical infrastructure is so ubiquitous its easy now to notice that most of our power grid is out open anyone can view it. Power grid is a shared resource and its major goal is that the supplier meets the demand electricity consumption and production happen on a real time basis.

Load fallen is the major challenge for the electrical industry which vary due to demand, weather condition and time. The cheapest sources of power are used to fulfill the base load that more consistence and higher cost source are used for intermediate load and peak load when demand exceed the base.