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gun down

Woman gunned down at ‘camp office’ of PML-N’s general councilor

LAHORE: A woman was gunned down by her own brother at dera (meeting place) of general councilor belonging to Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz, for bringing “disrepute to the family”, ARY News reported. The dispute was related to the freewill marriage, police said. A meeting was arranged between families of the couple to settle the matter but it turned into an armed clash. The woman’s brother lost his cool amid the conversation, took out his pistol and opened fire, resulting death of the woman. Two relatives of the…

Jordanian forces gun down two US trainers trying to enter airbase

AMMAN: At least two US military trainers were shot dead in Jordan on Friday when the car they were in failed to stop at the gate of a military base and was fired on by Jordanian security forces, a Jordanian military source said. The incident occurred at the Prince Faisal air base in the south of the country, a close ally of the United States. Another US trainer was injured and a Jordanian army guard was also shot and wounded during the exchange of fire. Another security source said it was not possible to rule out any…